Custom Shirts

Custom shirts average between $25 - $45.  Prices depend on the amount of time it takes me to create the design, the type of shirt you would like, and the finish type.

Types of Shirts

  • Tank Top, Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve, Sweatshirt, etc.
  • Cotton, Blend, Triblend, Performance (Tech), etc.
  • What shirt you choose determines the type of design application:

Types of Application

  • Heat Transfer Vinyl
  • Screen Print Transfer
  • Sublimation
Heat Transfer Vinyl

Heat transfer vinyl is perfect for one-off designs with less-detailed silhouettes and one to a few colors.  Properly applied, a design applied with heat transfer vinyl can last a couple of years, although the number of layers affects the sticking power.

Although I prefer a stretch vinyl since it moves with the shirt a little better, I have several types in my studio and can get almost anything, including glitter.

Screen Print Transfer

Screen print transfers provide the same finish as a fully screen printed design but are created for me to apply in my studio.  Traditionally, screen print cost increases with each color, but I have a supplier that provides high-quality prints with unlimited colors for a reasonable price. The drawback is that there's a minimum quantity we have to order of each design.


Sublimation is the process of a substance turning directly from a solid to a gas using heat.  When applied to certain materials and adding pressure, the gas then becomes a part of the item it's touching.

When applied properly to the right substrate, the design becomes a permanent part of the item.  Sublimation is only used on polyester-based fabrics and works best on light colors.


If you see a design out there that is exactly what you want, I encourage you to purchase that one.  That artist or designer worked hard to come up with and market that design, and it's not in me to take that from them.

If you would like something similar but with changes or want a completely custom design, then I'm happy to hear your ideas and let you know if it's within my capabilities.  Even after years designing, I'm still learning new techniques and skills, so I'm always up for a challenge and love creating.

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