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It's Halloween Time

A little bit spooky, a little bit sweet.

Trick or Treat!
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Completely custom designs from the hint of an idea to a finished product.  Can't find what you want in my shop?  click below for more information.

BESPOKE: adjective | be·spoke | bi-ˈspōk

a : custom-made
b : dealing in or producing custom-made articles

The Lisa behind Lisa Kay Designs
About Me

Located in the non-crazy part of Florida, I bring a sunny disposition and am dedicated to exceeding expectations.

I'm a happy-go-lucky, kick-rear, single mother, woman, and artist who loves to create and is blessed with the need to overthink things.  Truly left brain and right brain, I'm the perfect mix of creativity and drive.


In the years that we've worked together, Lisa and I have disagreed on design details only twice.  Both times, we communicated honestly and kindly to find a stunning compromise.  You won't regret working with Lisa.

Laurel, Wing Woman Events

Lisa is so talented!  I am blessed I found her to help with my wedding.  She's gone above and beyond to make my wedding details shine.

Jennie B. (now Jennie D.!)

Lisa took a daunting and confusing process and walked me through starting my business in a way that made sense and was significantly less scary.  My logo was exactly what I pictured, and my sales fliers have set me apart from my competitors every time.

Jasmine, Infinite Dimensions Corporate Wellness Solutions