COVID-19 Policies and Protocols

Equal to design and customer service, safety is my top concern - both mine and yours.  Below is a list of actions I'm personally taking to avoid unnecessary risk.

  • All physical packages leaving my studio have a packaged-on date to allow you to assess the fomite risk.
  • I stay home whenever possible limiting my exposure and wear a mask whenever indoors.  Although I am vaccinated, I keep the safety of my unvaccinated family and those around me foremost in my mind.  I'm willing to be a little uncomfortable to keep you safe.
  • Living in a state with minimal mitigation efforts, I wear a KN95 mask in all indoor spaces outside of my home.

All of my actions meet or exceed the CDC recommendations.  As I live in a household with multiple at-risk people, I'm going above and beyond to keep safety in mind.  I follow the advice, recommendations, and statistics of national and international epidemiologist, immunologists, virologists, health officials, and public health administers.

If I test positive, I will immediately let you know and you can determine if you want to risk me sending you physical goods.

Some say that I go too far, but I can confidently say that not one person will get this virus from me.  And that's a thought that helps me sleep the tiniest bit better at night.  Hopefully, it makes you feel better, too.