I work to exceed expectations, yet I mix in a kooky sense of humor to balance the overachiever inside. I want you to feel 100% happy at the end of our project, so I focus on excellent customer service as much as creative design.

I’ve also been in the business long enough to know when to stand my ground and when to push boundaries. I'm excellent at making each customer feel like they are my only one, when in reality I'm juggling multiple projects every day.

Events & Parties

I started my business creating graphics for parties. I have been creating invitations, party decorations, event logos, and thank yous since 2011. I probably have something you'll like, but - if none of it suits your fancy - message me and I'll send you my pricing.

Party Designs
Table Setting
Event Planner Support

Creating graphics for Event Planners and their clients is one of the most challenging aspects of my businss... and my favorite. Party logos, invitations, large banners and backdrops, cutouts, floors, favors, and swag, custom created for each event.

Event Planner Application
Boutique & Blanks Online Shops

I constantly say that I'm lucky enough to get paid to make fun stuff. I draw vector illustrations, hand draw stickers and designs on my tablet, and sketch line art and hand lettering. Then, I put my artwork on a variety of substrates from shirts to face masks and tumbers to bags.

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Mixed Media Art & Made Things

Exploding Box Invitations, Rhinestone Decals, Epoxy Keychains, Poured Epoxy Beach Art, Wood Signs, Small Furniture Pieces

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Marketing & Branding

Before I started my company, I spent about a decade in marketing creating sales fliers, business cards, trade show displays, product photography and so much more. I understand a small business' needs, and I know how to stay inside a tight budget. I have tested and vetted any vendor that I use and have ensured that their quality and customer service standards are in line with my own.

Corporate Work
Business Development & Web Design

My time in the corporate world combined with my own entrepreneurial adventures uniquely positions me to help new or growing businesses. I layer an appreciation of outside-the-box ideas on top of traditional strategies to help create a solid business development plan.

As an offshoot of those efforts, I've worked with several hosting platforms to write copy and update website graphics.

Corporate Work

Please Note

I will not directly copy anyone else's art, break copyright or trademark law, and will never - under any circumstances - use hate speech or derogatory language based on sex, gender, race, religion, or any other group. I do, however, use swears.