Protect Trans Kids Enamel Pin
Protect Trans Kids Enamel Pin
Protect Trans Kids Enamel Pin
Protect Trans Kids Enamel Pin

Protect Trans Kids Enamel Pin

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I think it's too easy for adults to forget that trans kids are kids that need shielding and protection. Already going through a process that most adults couldn't fathom, these children are transitioning during a time when self discovery is already a rough road. Instead of receiving support and encouragement to shape their lives in a way where the outside matches the inside, our trans youth receive hatred, ridicule, and targeted policy and law limiting not only their rights but their healthcare access.

One of my favorite designs of mine, I created this enamel pin to remind all adults that it is up to us to protect trans kids. Because a group of people that feel comfortable actively harming children will feel comfortable harming you.  The purple writing and flag pole represent the color worn to support trans youth, the trans flag waves proudly to represent our transgender children, and a pride heart reminds us all that the transgender community is a small part of a larger group.

One way or another, the proceeds of the sale of this pin will help a family with a trans kid either fight hateful state laws or relocate to a state that respects and affirms them.


Size: 1.25" wide x 1.5" tall
Material: shiny silver plating with 9-color soft enamel finish (soft refers to type of enamel but is in fact hard to the touch)
Finish: 2-prong back with black rubber push attachments


Processing: 1-2 business days
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Wipe with damp cloth; dry with a soft cloth.


QUESTIONS? Message me! I'm happy to help!

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