Working With Me

What to expect when working with
Lisa Kay Designs.


I've been working with graphic design since my first layout and design class at the University of Florida.  After getting my Bachelor's in Communications and Master's in Management, I worked in the marketing field while learning the ins and outs of the design programs I now use on a daily basis.  I love to create, so my offerings have spread from invitations and party decorations into the eclectic mediums of shirt design, stickers, and made items.

I believe in focusing on customer service just as much as I focus on design, so it is my goal that you are 100% satisfied with my work at the end of our journey.  That being said, I have some quirks that I'll outline below that might make our working relationship a bit easier.


I have dedicated studio hours from 10am to 6pm EST on Monday through Friday.  Most of the time, I also squeeze in some evenings, a few nights, and the occassional weekend.  Those hours are typically to catch up or get ahead, so I rarely let anyone know when they are to keep the time from getting hijacked.  I also take off holidays and the rare vacation to spend time with my family.

Also, just because I'm "in" doesn't necessarily mean I'm available since I often have client meetings, vendor appointments, or event planner phone calls.  I am also a single mother balancing raising a beautiful daughter with ruling my design world.  My work list almost spirals, so providing you a proof doesn't mean I'll get further revisions to you immediately.


It is rare that I give out my phone number, but you can email me or contact me through the website at any time.

If you happened to land my phone number, I request that you limit calls or texts to during my dedicated office hours since I find calls and texts distracting.  I'm a visual learner, so a written email or text is probably best anyway for me to retain information.


I take your privacy as seriously as I take my own.  I keep design files for one year then destroy anything with personal information (including event addresses and RSVP phone numbers, etc).  Any proofs printed with your information on them are either shredded or burned, depending on the time of year.  Florida gets pretty hot, so I only burn in the "winter".

If you request for me to remove your customer information from my files, I'll do so securely and immediately.


Unless otherwise agreed, all payments are expected before any work starts to cover my time to design and any physical supplies I may need for your project.  I accept all major credit cards, and my credit card processor is not only quick and easy but safe and secure.  I do not retain credit card numbers for any reason, and my processor only retains information long enough to process refunds if they are ever necessary.

I'm sorry to say that I do not accept PayPal or personal checks and only accept cash for local projects.


Because most of my work is custom and my proofing system is so extensive, I only offer refunds or exchanges on damaged items.  If you receive a physical item from me that is damaged or incorrect, please contact me immediately for us to find a solution together.

You are welcome to cancel our working relationship at any time during the process for any reason, but any moneys paid for work performed already will not be refunded.

A very special thank you to all of you that made it all the way through these policies.