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  • Invitations

    Too big and amazing to fit in a lowly "events" page, these invitations either weren't associated with an event I supported or they are in a league of their own.  This is where I get fun with the wedding invitations or inventive with 3D invitations.
  • Made Items

    As my skill has grown and evolved and as I've gotten bigger and better toys in my office, my product offerings have grown.  From decals and stickers to custom vinyl shirts and screen printed running shirts, I enjoy making a wide variety of things.
  • Corporate

    Corporate branding or marketing materials for companies, organizations, and small businesses.  Includes business development efforts for projects large and small.
  • Events

    Whether you're celebrating a birthday, a mitzvah, a holiday, or a corporate milestone, this is the place to find photos of the events I supported with graphics, made items, or ideas.